Rebuilding a Living City Takes Imagination

Posted by Brandon Copeland

As Urban East begins operating, it is exciting to think about the words of Jane Jacobs, considered by many to be the mother of modern-day urban planning.

“Designing a dream city is easy; rebuilding a living one takes imagination”

The author of Death and Life of Great American Cities is correct in her assertion that rebuilding is significantly more complex than designing from scratch. When working in existing places, there are an abundance of considerations. Zoning regulations, existing structures, neighbourhood characteristics, established businesses, and public perception. These concepts will never be altered because of a single development or project.

Instead, these concepts represent opportunity. It is the firm belief of the people and partners behind Urban East that understanding these aspects of cities can lead to better businesses, more jobs, and stronger economies. If you are a small business, ask yourself how you are interacting with your neighbours. Are you utilizing each other to stimulate and grow? What about your space. How did you decide where to lease or purchase property? Have you considered whether or not your current building is optimal for your business’ needs, or if there are other opportunities for revenue generation based simply on the structure in which you exist?

Certainly our cities are changing. The people and groups who understand these changes, and adapt their operations to take advantage of new trends, will be the ones to come out ahead.

What’s more interesting though, is how these adaptations can impact the cities we live in. When people begin to consider “place” an asset, then the benefits of cities can begin to be unlocked. “Rebuilding a living city” begins to happen organically.

We want to help small businesses think about these concepts, and unlock the potential that real estate can offer. As we launch our website and begin interacting with our first clients, the idea of contributing to a reimagining of St. John’s fills us with excitement.

Please reach out and begin a dialogue with us about your idea or existing business.