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Brandon Copeland

Principal Consultant 

In an attempt to truly embrace his passion for innovation and urban planning, Brandon started Urban East in 2017 with the goal of enacting positive change. Brandon’s belief is that businesses and organizations who embrace “place” are the most crucial change agents in any neighborhood, and those who recognize and embrace this fact are more likely to succeed. By understanding real estate, and how it can impact a business, more opportunity exists for self-starters looking to make an impact.

Brandon’s career has been focused on real estate project management, as well as business development. With experience overseeing a property portfolio valued at over $40 million, and managing multi-million dollar land development projects in the process, Brandon understands the steps and road blocks required to complete a real estate project. Leveraging relationships with industry players and municipalities alike, Brandon is capable of assisting small and medium sized organizations in strategically tackling real estate challenges within the context of their own operation.

After two years operating as a solo consultant, Brandon joined the team at Martek Morgan Finch as the Manager of Business Development and Leasing. With Martek, Brandon works to revitalize downtown St. John’s while continuing to help businesses assess and improve their use of space. Through Martek, Brandon continues to develop his understanding of property management, real estate financing, and urban planning in the Atlantic region. Brandon’s thoughts and experiences continue to be chronicled on the Urban East blog - including notes on his decision to make this significant professional change.

Brandon holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Arts (Political Science) from Memorial University of Newfoundland. He is also a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) designated by the Project Management Institute. As of July, 2019 he is also working to become a licensed Realtor.


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