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For Real Estate Developers

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Urban East is an intermediary between developers and key stakeholders, working to accomplish project goals. Urban East's extensive experience results in an excellent partner to represent clients with:

  • Municipal, Provincial, and Federal Government relations
  • General Contractors
  • Financial Institutions
  • Design Professionals
  • Public Stakeholders

As a member of the project team, Urban East will manage any and all relationships, while also developing achievable deliverables and assisting in their execution. 

Better developments create better places, and Urban East strongly believes that the built environment of a place is crucial in determining how that place will support businesses and residents. Proper planning not only results in increased value for developers, but also creates a more valuable urban fabric for residents. With this in mind, Urban East can also assist in identifying and pursuing exciting development opportunities.

For Small Businesses

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Urban East provides traditional small business consulting services, utilizing knowledge of place to strengthen business initiatives. Urban East's understanding of location provides clients with custom business consulting that allows them to stand out wherever they exist. Services include:

  • Business plan development
  • Strategic growth
  • Real estate needs assessment
  • Productivity and Operational Improvement
  • Assessment and application for grant and funding opportunities

Utilizing traditional project management methodologies, Urban East will help businesses identify clear deliverables to be used to measure success in resolving the defined challenge. What's more, understanding neighbourhood and connection to community allows Urban East to help provide an impactful, localized solution.