"Designing a dream city is easy; rebuilding a living one takes imagination" - Jane Jacobs


Urban East exists to partner in the development of complete neighbourhoods.

If a neighbourhood is complete, then it is a destination of choice – not a destination of necessity. Locals want to live and work in the neighbourhood. Tourists seek out the businesses and activities that happen in the neighbourhoods. Outsiders see the neighbourhood, and try to learn from the neighbourhood to improve their own locale.

Main Street.jpg

In complete neighbourhoods, businesses flourish. Increased activity from residents and travellers alike results in more foot-traffic and more brand awareness. Strategic partnerships with other neighbourhood businesses open doors to new opportunities. Activities and amenities that exist in the neighbourhood help the location be a selling feature for attracting employees.

For real estate developers and investors, complete neighbourhoods represent opportunities for profit. Successful commercial tenants will result in lower vacancies. Desirable location will result in higher rents. Increase interest will mean more favourable property valuations.

Complete neighbourhoods can be identified and cultivated. Through intelligent design and active development, the built environment required for a neighbourhood to flourish can be achieved. Businesses that look outside their doors, and recognize the value of the place which they exist, stand to gain significantly. 

Working with businesses and developers alike, Urban East strives to identify neighbourhoods with potential, and partners with stakeholders to maximize the value of place in the pursuit of success.